Chapter Two, Page Two

Reconnaissance Fleet: UES Dauntless

Sitting in his command chair, Admiral Richard Tame didn’t seem like much of an adversary. But what he lacked in physical prowess he more than made up for in raw mental capability. The man was a genius in his own right. We all had enhanced mental capabilities from various neural implants, but he was different. He saw the world in raw numerical coldness. His thinking more closely aligned with Sam, the executive officer of the Intrepid. Though, she had the distinction being an artificial intelligence.

“s-s-sir, th-the report you asked for.”

“Ah, yes, thank you, crewman.”

As the admiral examined the tablet in his hand, his gaze drew upward and finally rested on me.

Oh god.

Why is he looking at me?!

Did I hand him the wrong report?

Did he even want the report?

My mom was right.

I should never have left the Intrepid.

My scrambled thoughts were quickly interrupted by the admiral’s monotonous tone.

“Was there anything else crewman?”

“N-No sir.”

“Then I suppose you best carry on with your duties.”

“Ye-yes sir.”

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I murmured to myself as I turned to the door and began to leave. She was right. She is always right.

“Oh, and Valerie, great work on this report. It’s precisely what I needed.”

“Of course, sir, thank you, sir,” I replied while continuing out the door and doing my best to contain the volcano of triumph I felt boiling up from inside.


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