Chapter One, Page Two

Lifting the mug to my mouth, I felt a warm glow of light piercing through the large glass windows overlooking the valley.

“You certainly are a man of habit” exclaimed Sam as she handed me the night shift’s report.

“What do you mean?” I replied with a hesitant yet condescending tone as I sipped my coffee and began digesting the contents of the report.

“Nothing” Sam smirked as she left the room.

As I stepped out onto the porch, a cool breeze welcomed me to the grandeur of the valley. Cloud-capped mountains to either side and a lush forest nestled in between. It was a sight I had grown accustomed to, being in charge had its perks.

“Okay Sam, I’m ready when you are.”

Sam materialized beside me with a hand reaching out for my now empty mug. As she grasped the cup, her gaze drew upward and met with my own. Her face began to lose form as a hint of sorrow rose from somewhere within.

“You really must make some time for yourself Scott, these dreams worry me. We both know the stress is getting to you.”

Our moment of contemplation brashly ended with the sound of klaxons whaling over the com. Michael’s voice interrupted the sirens hail

“All hands, priority alert Alpha. Report to your stations.”

“looks like that vacation isn’t happening today,” I said while motioning to Sam that we better be on our way.

“I’m not letting this go, Scott.”

“Oh, trust me, I know.”


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